IAF's mission

Supervision and following-up of unemployment insurance

  • We exercise supervision over unemployment insurance funds and Arbetsförmedlingen's (the Swedish Public Employment Service's) handling of matters that relate to unemployment insurance, by checking whether they abide by legally binding rules. We also supervise the Employment Service's and Försäkringskassan's (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's) administration of sanctions against those benefiting from activity support.
  • We follow up our areas of supervision, for example by analyzing the routines of the bodies we supervise.
  • We compile and analyze statistics.
  • We investigate issues within our areas of supervision on behalf of the government.

If we find that an unemployment insurance fund has infringed legally binding rules, we can caution the fund for its infringement or order the fund to make amendments within a certain time period. We can also decide to withdraw the government grant if the fund does not follow such orders, or we may require repayment of any government grant which has been wrongfully paid out.

If we discover shortcomings within the Employment Service or the Social Insurance Agency, we shall report them to these authorities.

Clarifying the system of rules

  • We issue legally binding rules in certain cases that describe in more detail how our subjects of regulation should interpret laws and statutes
  • We represent the government in court in order to elicit indicative court decisions
  • We report to the government where laws or statutes need to be amended

Administration tasks

  • We issue certificates that give unemployed people the opportunity to apply for work in other European Union and European Economic Area countries while still receiving unemployment benefits
  • We collect financing fees from the unemployment insurance funds
  • We manage databases within the area of unemployment insurance
  • We approve the unemployment insurance funds’ membership fees
  • We keep a register of the unemployment insurance funds
  • We transfer government grants to ALFA-kassan


We provide information about our own activities relating to our mission. For information about unemployment insurance, contact an unemployment insurance fund or the Public Employment Service. For information about the activity support, contact the Social Insurance Agency.